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Account Manager
BA, University of Manitoba

Trevor is a uniquely qualified account manager and recruiter. He has an extensive freelance background in media, journalism and marketing. His diverse portfolio ranges from work with many of the largest companies in Canada, pro sports teams, small startup businesses and everything in between.

Trevor brings the same energy, dedication and focus to each client he interacts with, no matter the size. His freelance experience perfectly lends to account management, where it is important to approach each situation acting as a member of the hiring team.

With a passion for problem-solving and outside-the-box thinking, he is perfectly suited for sourcing and matching standout candidates with prospective opportunities.


Multifaceted Visual Storytelling and Digital Marketing Specialist

With over 15 years of comprehensive experience, Trevor Hagan stands as a seasoned professional photographer and digital marketer. His journey spans across capturing pivotal moments in sports, news, portraiture, automotive events, and commercial photography. Trevor’s exceptional ability to weave narratives through visuals has earned him recognition and publication in prestigious outlets across Canada and the US, including The Canadian Press, Bloomberg, Forbes, and The Los Angeles Times. His commitment extends beyond his professional assignments to nurturing the next generation, demonstrated by his initiative to support inner-city youth with photography resources and education. With a blend of creative prowess and marketing acumen, Trevor excels in delivering compelling content that resonates with a wide audience.

Dynamic Freelance Photography

Since 2007, Trevor has cultivated an impressive freelance career, partnering with major clients like Getty, Reuters, and Macleans. His versatility in handling various genres of photography, from sports news to commercial projects, underscores his adaptability and dedication to visual storytelling. Trevor’s work reflects a deep understanding of visual impact and audience engagement, making him a valuable asset to any project.

Influential Role at The Canadian Press

As a freelance photojournalist for The Canadian Press since 2007, Trevor has been at the forefront of capturing breaking news and sports events across Canada. His ability to deliver high-quality imagery under tight deadlines showcases his professionalism and reliability. His contributions have significantly enhanced the visual reporting of news, providing compelling narratives for national audiences.

Pioneering Visual Journalism at Winnipeg Free Press

Trevor’s tenure at the Winnipeg Free Press highlights his extensive capabilities in covering a broad spectrum of news. Notably, his dedication to covering the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets solidified his status as a leading sports photographer. His involvement in the complete video workflow demonstrates his versatility and commitment to evolving media landscapes.

Strategic Marketing Leadership at Regenwald Leasing

Transitioning his skills into the realm of digital marketing, Trevor assumed the role of Marketing Director at Regenwald Leasing, where he spearheaded content strategy across platforms. His innovative approach to content creation and event planning reflects his strategic vision and leadership, further establishing his multifaceted expertise in digital communication and marketing.

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