Tailored Talent Sourcing for Today’s Diverse Workforce

In the evolving terrain of talent recruitment, we excel by forging genuine relationships, not merely filling roles. Our services match the distinct abilities and ambitions of professionals with the specific culture and requirements of our clients.

Unrivalled Skill in Cultivating Diverse Corporate Cultures

Our strength stems from an in-depth comprehension of how diversity enhances company achievement. Leveraged by extensive expertise and a specialized team, we deliver all-encompassing strategies that revolutionize work environments and propel our clients forward.

    Comprehensive Expertise for Inclusive Excellence

    We approach each search with a commitment to uncovering the full potential of every candidate, ensuring that diversity of thought is not just welcomed, but sought after. Our process is meticulous and thoughtful, with a focus on:

    Cognitive Diversity

    Valuing diverse mental approaches and problem-solving, we link businesses with individuals who introduce fresh, innovative perspectives.

    Cultural Compatibility

    Recognizing the significance of organizational culture to employee well-being and loyalty, we ensure individuals are placed where they can flourish and positively impact workplace dynamics.

    Long-Term Alignment

    Focusing on your company’s future objectives, we identify professionals who address current requirements and possess the foresight to contribute to your company’s ongoing success.

    Inclusive Excellence

    Our dedication to inclusivity drives us to proactively include candidates from all backgrounds, enriching talent pools with a multitude of experiences and perspectives.

    Deep & Tailored Experience

    Our team embodies our mission, offering seasoned insight in HR solutions, recruitment, and strategic direction with a focus on fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces to propel our clients forward.

    Jonathan Mattice

    Managing Director

    Jonathan emphasizes the critical importance of diversity in both personal and professional life, valuing diverse perspectives for community growth. As a detail-oriented professional with expertise in recruitment, client development, and executive coaching, he excels in fast-paced environments and is committed to driving productivity and profitability. His skills extend to web design, digital marketing, and project management, demonstrating versatility and a commitment to excellence. Jonathan works well both independently and as a team member, dedicated to continuous personal and professional growth.

    Chris McAlinden

    Director of Recruitment


    Chris brings extensive experience from Europe and North America in talent acquisition and HR consulting. His leadership philosophy centers on excellence, offering bespoke services to a diverse range of organizations. With core values like integrity, collaboration, and authenticity, Chris is dedicated to understanding client needs, delivering tailored solutions, and fostering strong, lasting professional relationships. His approach is client-centered, focusing on achieving their goals with a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

    Jessica Shi

    Director Of Operations


    Jessica advocates for a broader understanding of Diversity and Inclusion, emphasizing thought diversity in recruitment. Focused on supporting tech companies with HR strategies and hiring, she excels in identifying talent that goes beyond technical skills, adding unique value to the team. Jessica is keen on fostering deeper conversations around D&I and enjoys connecting and learning from others’ experiences.

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