Jessica Shi

Director Of Operations, Co-Founder
B.Sc, University of Toronto

Jessica stands at the forefront of innovative recruitment, focusing on diversity and inclusion within the tech industry from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. As the Co-Founder and Director of Operations at Targeted Talent, Jessica has revolutionized recruitment by prioritizing diversity of thought and creating a more inclusive conversation around hiring practices.

Her work extends beyond gender and racial diversity, emphasizing the unique perspectives individuals bring to their roles. Jessica’s dedication to supporting local tech companies with strategic HR services and her ability to identify talent that transcends technical fit showcase her commitment to building stronger, more diverse workplaces.

With her linguistic prowess in Mandarin and English, and a foundational understanding of French, Jessica is a global communicator and influencer in the recruitment space.


Leading with Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment

Jessica Shi, a visionary in the recruitment industry, is redefining the approach to diversity and inclusion (D&I) in hiring. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges tech companies face, Jessica offers unparalleled support in HR strategies and talent acquisition. Her leadership at Targeted Talent, a firm celebrated for its commitment to D&I, has set new standards in recognizing the value of diverse perspectives. Jessica’s approach ensures that companies not only meet their technical needs but also embrace the transformative power of diversity of thought, driving innovation and inclusivity.

Connector of Talent and Technology

Jessica’s role in bridging the gap between talented individuals and leading tech companies has been instrumental. Her strategic insight and dedication to inclusive practices have empowered numerous organizations to enhance their teams with diverse, talented professionals.

Advisor on Inclusive HR Strategies

Through Cerberus Consulting, Jessica has guided businesses in adopting people-focused approaches to navigate challenges. Her expertise in creating and delivering innovative HR services has reshaped workplace cultures, promoting inclusivity and diversity.

Champion of Global Recruitment Innovation

Jessica uses her abilities to streamline processes and enhance team efficiency. Her efforts have connected job seekers with fulfilling employment globally, highlighting her impact on international recruitment.

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