Jonathan Mattice

Managing Director

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Jonathan Mattice is a respected Managing Director at Targeted Talent, where he plays a pivotal role in fostering diverse and inclusive work environments.

With a profound belief that diversity of thought enriches communities and drives growth, Jonathan has dedicated his career to not only enhancing recruitment processes but also implementing strategic business practices that prioritize people, planning, and action.

His expertise spans executive coaching, web design, digital marketing, business process consulting, and project management. Jonathan’s leadership is marked by a commitment to excellence, detail orientation, and a visionary approach to business and personal growth.

He excels in fast-paced environments and is driven by a long-term vision for success, consistently working towards increasing productivity and profitability for the organizations he supports.


Mastering Inclusive Recruitment and Strategic Business Growth

Jonathan is a distinguished leader in creating inclusive workplaces, renowned for his expertise in recruitment, executive coaching, and strategic business consulting. His holistic approach integrates diversity of thought, empowering communities and promoting a culture of growth and excellence. With years of experience across sectors including HR, digital marketing, and project management, Jonathan excels in delivering tailored solutions that drive organizational success. His dedication to detail and ability to thrive in dynamic environments make him a valuable partner for businesses looking to navigate the complexities of today’s market while fostering inclusive and productive workplaces.

Visionary in Diversity and Inclusion

Jonathan’s leadership at Targeted Talent has significantly advanced the conversation on diversity and inclusion within recruitment. By integrating these core values into every facet of the recruitment process, he has helped shape a more inclusive future for the industry.

Architect of Business Excellence

At Cerberus Consulting, Jonathan has been instrumental in driving businesses towards sustainable growth models. His innovative approach focuses on people, planning, and actionable strategies, demonstrating his commitment to transforming the business landscape.

Catalyst for Workplace Culture Transformation

Through his work with Parkin Architects and The Beacon Design Collective Inc., Jonathan has played a crucial role in cultivating workplace cultures that thrive on diversity, equity, and inclusion, significantly impacting organizational success.

Trailblazer in Strategic Business Consulting

Jonathan’s contributions to Aristotle Performance and MeetAmi Innovations Inc. as a Senior Consultant and Head of People & Culture, respectively, underscore his expertise in harnessing data-driven, people-focused strategies to navigate uncertain environments and foster high-performing teams.

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