Monika Becker

Leadership Coaching & Workshop Facilitator

With a background as a Horticultural Engineer, Sales Center Team Lead, Translator, and IT Contractor, Monika eventually found her passion, purpose, and fulfillment in the field of self-healing and transformational coaching & training.

As the founder of Clear Directions Coaching, she now serves her clients as a Leadership Coach & Trainer and a Dalian Method Facilitator. Monika focuses on supporting business owners and corporate leaders in resolving their internal and external struggles so that they may transform into the next best version of themselves and become more authentic, confident, effective, and fulfilled as a result.

Monika brings decades of experience as an attentive listener, problem-solver, teacher, non-judgmental confidante, and most recently as the co-chair of a Canadian non-profit to the team at Cerberus Consulting. She is eager to use her adaptability and skills in service of the Employee Relations and Training & Development competencies within the Cerberus Consulting team. 


Cultivating Authentic Leadership and Transformative Corporate Cultures

Monika excels in guiding leaders and teams towards achieving authenticity, truthfulness, and responsibility in the workplace. With an extensive background spanning twelve years, she specializes in authentic leadership, open communication, team cohesion, and fostering cultures of accountability. Monika’s approach is deeply personalized yet practical, ensuring that her clients face their challenges with innovative solutions. Her expertise in the Dalian Method, alongside traditional coaching techniques, offers a comprehensive toolkit for those ready to embark on a journey of profound personal and professional transformation. Monika is committed to unlocking the potential within every leader and organization, making magic happen through authentic engagement and strategic development.

Champion of Authentic Leadership

Monika has revolutionized the way leaders approach their roles within organizations, advocating for authenticity and open communication. Her dedication to fostering environments where leaders can thrive while being true to themselves has set a new standard in leadership development. Monika’s approach has not only improved organizational cultures but also inspired countless individuals to lead with integrity and courage.

Architect of Cohesive Team Cultures

Through her innovative workshops and training sessions, Monika has masterfully bridged the gap between individual values and organizational goals, crafting team cultures rooted in cohesion and mutual respect. Her ability to facilitate meaningful conversations and introspection has transformed workplace dynamics, leading to more engaged and productive teams.

Pioneer in Integrative Coaching Techniques

Monika’s unique integration of the Dalian Method with traditional coaching principles has positioned her as a pioneer in the field of personal and professional development. This holistic approach has enabled her clients to achieve breakthroughs in self-awareness and performance, marking a paradigm shift in how personal growth is facilitated within corporate contexts.

Visionary Leader in Women’s Empowerment

As Co-President of Female Wave of Change Canada, Monika Becker has been instrumental in driving initiatives that empower women in leadership across Canada. Her visionary leadership and commitment to creating spaces where women can connect, learn, and grow have contributed significantly to the advancement of women in the business world and beyond.

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